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Archives for December 2007

Jennifer Clement: The Poison That Fascinates

Woman, divine woman, you have the poison that fascinates in your eyes, goes the song by Augustin Lara from which Jennifer Clement takes the title to her second novel, The Poison That Fascinates (2008), and it’s a more than apt… continue reading »

Rosa Liksom: Dark Paradise

When I think of Finland, the impressions I get are twofold. The first, as should be obvious, is of a country covered with lakes and forests touching upon the Arctic circle, which was the case in Arto Paasilinna’s The Howling… continue reading »

Adalbert Stifter: Rock Crystal

With Christmas in mind I fancied reading something festive to try and get me out of the humbug spirit and, while the obvious choice would have been Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, I thought it more interesting to try Adalbert Stifter’s… continue reading »

Raymond Radiguet: The Devil In The Flesh

It sometimes seems that there’s a precocious streak running through French literature with authors garnering literary respect at young ages. Fran├žoise Sagan springs to mind, publishing Bonjour Tristesse in 1954 at the age of eighteen. As does Florian Zeller who… continue reading »

Gilbert Adair: A Mysterious Affair Of Style

It’s not often that I read books by the same author one after the other but I enjoyed Gilbert Adair’s The Act Of Roger Murgatroyd so much that the only logical thing to do was dive straight into its sequel… continue reading »

Gilbert Adair: The Act Of Roger Murgatroyd

Having fallen into a reading slump recently, which is somewhat criminal of me, I decided to look for something light, fun, and potentially enjoyable. So, who better an author to sit back with than Gilbert Adair, a man whose novels… continue reading »

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