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Archives for May 2008

Ferenc Karinthy: Metropole

At the beginning of Italo Calvino’s If On A Winter’s Night A Traveler there is a passage on the various types of books we meet in our lives, such as those we haven’t read, those we needn’t read, and those… continue reading »

Vladimir Nabokov: Mary

Although it was his first novel, Vladimir Nabokov’s Mary (1926) was not translated until 1970, and one can well imagine the author peering over translator Michael Glenny‘s shoulder as he rendered the Russian into English, suggesting changes here, le mot… continue reading »

The Best Of The Booker – Shortlist

Following on from the 25th Anniversary ‘Booker Of Bookers’ in 1993, comes the 40th Anniversary ‘Best Of The Booker’, in which a panel of judges have saved the public the bother of whittling down all forty-one eligible titles to a… continue reading »

Independent Foreign Fiction Prize 2008 – Winner

Whittled down from over 100 titles to a longlist of 17 announced in January, the titles were again reduced in March to a final 6. And now, in a ceremony this evening, the winner of the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize… continue reading »

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