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Archives for February 2009

Independent Foreign Fiction Prize 2009

The longlist for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize 2009 has been announced. The sixteen titles are: My Father’s Wives, José Eduardo Agualusa, translated by Daniel Hahn from the Portuguese (Arcadia Books) The Director, Alexander Ahndoril, translated by Sarah Death from… continue reading »

Bragi Ólafsson: The Pets

Bragi Ólafsson’s The Pets (2001) is the second release from Open Letter Books (Dubravka Ugrešić’s Nobody’s Home was the first) and their first piece of fiction. While it’s the first significant English translation for Ólafsson, he has been busying himself… continue reading »

Saul Bellow: Dangling Man

Try as I might, I’ve never connected with Saul Bellow’s prose. My first attempt was The Actual, his penultimate work, and his shortest. A few pages in and I was lost. Then, The Adventures Of Augie March, the novel that… continue reading »

John Steinbeck: To A God Unknown

Long ago I’d expressed an interest in reading the works of John Steinbeck in chronological order, starting with Cup Of Gold, his account of Sir Henry Morgan’s piratic life, and then immediately lost track of that aim. I’ve returned to… continue reading »

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