Dedalus Books Announce New Sponsorship

You may remember back in January that a petition was created to help save Dedalus Books form losing its Arts Council funding. Despite almost 2,000 signatories the funding, which amounted to £24,958 a year, was pulled and the small publisher of both British and European fiction was left wondering where their future was.

There’s good news today, though, as Dedalus announce that Informa will sponsor them for the next two years. Here’s the press release:

Dedalus is proud to announce that Informa plc, through its subsidiary company Routledge Books, an imprint of Taylor & Francis, will sponsor Dedalus for the next two years as part of Informa plc’s corporate responsibility programme.

This sponsorship means that Dedalus will be able to honour the commitments it has undertaken to its authors, translators, cultural institutions and other publishers. We will continue to encourage and support new writing, with special emphasis on the dialogue between cultures brought about by literature in translation

Dedalus’s readers can now look forward to translated fiction from Danish, Estonian, Flemish, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish in the next two years as well as more original English language fiction. Dedalus has just bought Made in Yaroslavl, a brilliant first novel by Jeremy Weingard, who lives in the East of England.

“Apart from financial support we hope to benefit from the technical expertise and advice of a large and successful publisher which should be of great benefit to Dedalus. We look forward to working with Routledge Books and making the most of the opportunities this sponsorship programme will provide for Dedalus.”

Eric Lane, M.D of Dedalus Publishers

While it’s certainly good news for Dedalus that they can go on producing the type of fiction they are known for, they must realise now that the business model needs a rethink. While Arts Council subsidisation always seemed a safe bet for such a niche corner of the arts, recent events have shown that a safety net is required in business. So, within those two years of sponsorship, let’s hope Dedalus use that time to adapt their business model to one that isn’t so dependent on monetary handouts. That way they can truly indulge in their literary interests without fear of future funding cuts.

March 7, 2008

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